“Aloha ʻāina” expresses our love and connection to our island environment, the preservation of which is the cornerstone of a healthy society.


Climate change is one of the most pressing problems for our islands. To combat climate change, we can look to Hawaii's 2050 Sustainability Plan as a guide and work closely with the office of planning and sustainable development when proposing climate-related legislation. The sustainability plan encourages the use of renewable energy, water conservation and reuse, pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, plans for sea level rise, emphasizes the need for affordable housing, and encourages a diverse economy. When it comes time to revise the 10-year plan, we can make every effort to include all the voices of Hawaiia. We can also work closely with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to provide resources necessary to protect our native species by slowing and halting the spread of invasive species in the islands.