To enhance our economy and become more self-sufficient, we can work to diversify and strengthen our foundation. A re-invigorated approach that emphasizes the wellness and education of our residents is necessary and this begins with an economy that has multiple pillars of strength. Together with a focus on affordable housing, a diverse economy that includes sustainable agriculture and new high-tech initiatives that find solutions for global climate change, including green energy, will provide a hopeful future for all residents.

Post-overthrow, powerful American continental corporations, like the “Big Five” and mainland resort chains, have dominated Hawaii's economy. Big agriculture and tourism were built on the labor of indigenous and local populations. I propose to work with local businesses to expand our exclusive focus away from tourism and consider agricultural and green high-technology alternatives. Agroforestry, as demonstrated by Ke Kula Nui o Waimānalo’s ʻUlu Pono Mahiʻāina project, demonstrates more environmentally friendly model, and it can be led by Master Gardeners such as those certified by the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. This promotes island self-sufficiency as well as food sovereignty. We will work together to strengthen our economy and raise the standard of living for all residents of Hawaii!